Motivation to blog

If you have not noticed, there has been a bit of a slump in content recently. Long time readers will know this is nothing new, as this has happened before. However, this time the cause is a little bit different.

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JS – Can I stop "use"ing "strict";?

It was during grade school that my analytical skills and thought process was developed. It came largely through the many hours I spent toiling through my Saxon Math and Algebra books, the names of which can strike fear into the heart of nearly any homeschooler. While mathematics was not my favorite subject in the world, I always did very well in it. This was accomplished, as aforementioned, by the many hours I spent not only trying to understand the poorly explained and demonstrated mathematical concepts but by always working to get the correct answer in the correct manner. There was always an answer; I just had to find it. Generally, math always has an answer to the equation. I would sometimes spend close to an hour solving and resolving one question, with 20-something more questions to do, because I did not fully understand how to solve it and was determined to get that coveted correct answer using the correct process.

Thus my deep analytical and logical thought process was thoroughly developed, becoming my greatest strength and biggest weakness. In anything I do, I seek out a good, proper, logical, and most efficient way to proceed, and research questions in a quest to find the answer. Lately a few people have interpreted this behavior pattern as perfectionism, something I truly am not anyway near or wish to be. When I am unable to find a suitable closure for the journey at hand, I often get very frustrated, for the answer I am looking for (and indeed there is an answer; most of my searches are ones that have at least a “best practice” or “generally accepted” ending) cannot be found, and I want to know it. Usually when my exploration hits a dead-end like this, I stop looking it up for a while and maybe the next day, a few days, or a week later, I resume my search, this time with a clear mind and better understanding of the issue at hand. It is rare I have an oft-lingering case without any answer, and if the channel dries up, I compose a new method to perform the same thing.

This post, however, explores one of those unanswerable questions I cannot find an answer to.

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Python – What is the __future__ module?

I was asked an interesting Python question recently: what is the __future__ module?

If the __future__ (PEP that introduced __future__) module seems vaguely familiar to you, it is because I use it in most of my Python tutorial scripts and have briefly talked about __future__ in a few of my tutorials, but I have never really explained what it is.

You know how you must import sys in order to access the functions located in the sys module? The same goes for accessing the special items located in __future__. However, you cannot simply import the __future__ module like any other module. That is because __future__ backports standard functionality in future Python versions. Because making them standard at in a typical patch release may create breaking change (and breaking changes should never be made in a patch release), the Python developers instead a reference to the new feature in __future__ and waited to introduce the new standard behavior in a minor- or if it is a highly volatile change, major- release.

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2 years of programming!

As of today, the 26th of January, I have been a programmer for two years! :D

You may be thinking to yourself:

le717, two years is not a very long time. Two years is really only a beginner!

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Two years may not be a long time in terms of experience, but I have gained some experience in those years. It may not be much in terms of knowledge and wisdom, but I dare to say that I have gained both knowledge and wisdom in this two year’s time. I do think that in these two years of a life of code I have done very well, all because God has gifted me with these talents and abilities. Without Him, I would not be where I am right now. :D

In case you were expecting some program release, update, or special thing I have written to celebrate, I must sadly inform you I have not done such a thing. :( In an attempt to make it up to you, have a nice song. :)

Here is to two whole years of programming, and may I continue to learn, grow, and experience more in code in the next years to come. :D


P.S. Happy new year! I know, this is late coming, but this was the only post I had ready for the first of the new year. :P