Play LEGO® LOCO in a Custom Resolution

Or the alternate title, De LOCO Is Not As Loco Anymore!

What am I saying very vaguely in the alternate title and very simply in the actual title? Simple. The LOCO is no as loco anymore. LOCO meaning LEGO® LOCO, and loco being not as crazy/mean/spoiled anymore. 😛

If you didn’t know, LOCO puts up a fit whenever you try to run it in a resolution other than 800×600, 1024×768 or 1280×1024. It’s the way the game was designed, and without the source, it will never be fixed. This stops anyone from running it in, say, 1080p (which would be awesome).

“So what are you blabbing on about, again? I thought you said LOCO wasn’t as loco anymore.”

I’m getting to it. Slow your trains down for a second.

A while back, I installed LOCO on the main Windows 7 computer in the house  (goodbye Windows XP Mode and your dumb usage of single-core of the multi-core CPU!), and the computer has a 1080p monitor. I did not want to have to bump it down to 1280×1024, which is 4:3, to play it every single time. So, just a short while ago, I went and tested LOCO running in different resolutions. Here is what I found.

Anything above 1280×1024, the game will not run. Anything below that (but above 800×600) and it will run. 1280×720, done. 1280×960, easy. 1152×648 (what kind of resolution is that?), it works.

I still have to change our screen resolution to make it run every time before I play and change it back , but at least I can  play in a larger resolution than what it claims it needs to be in.

Now I just need to find a game recorder that will record it, or pressure the CamStudio developers into fixing the 2GB file size limit or Beepa (Fraps) to support recording 2D texture sprite games. 😛

Have fun being playing LOCO! 😛