Let Me Tell You About That Pipe…

So, on Friday, I was making a LDD model of an MOC. Everything was working just fine. I was able to find all the bricks, I got all the correct colors, and it was almost done. The only thing left were the corrugated flexible pipes.

After a quick hunt for the pipe, I added it to my model. But I needed to bend to pipe to connect the other end. So I pressed the Flex Tool.

Did I mention that this was the first time I have used the Flex Tool? So this was a new experience for me. I clicked the pipe… and it moved with my mouse cursor. I was expecting to be able to rotate and move it using a combination of Normal mode and the Hinge tool. Side note: if you turned off the “Show keys for turning” setting and opted not to include your mouse cursor in your game recorder, it would look as if the pipe would have a mind of its own. Freaky.

So anyway, I was trying to bend my pipe when something strange happened. It was no doubt a glitch, but it was funny none of the less: the pipe begin to distort. It in no way followed the law of LEGO, not even IRL physics for that matter. It looked like I had loaded the pipe into Blender and stretched the mesh all out of whack.

Before I did anything else to my build, I loaded Gregion and started recording LDD since LDD is OpenGL, and Gregion can record that. The resulting picture video was funny and strange at the same time.

The pipe... 0_0


Crazy, huh? I’m glad I got that video when I did. I loaded my model the next day, and LDD removed the brick. Oh well. I’ll just save my model for the day a LDD importer script for Blender is written. 😛

I’ll speak to you later Blog-O-Sphere!