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Congratulations! You have just successfully failed to ignore this post entitled Ignore This, thus proving the paradox which I shall explain further down. Don’t believe me? You should, because by reading this post you are not ignoring it. If you really ignored this post, you would not be reading it because you would not know it even existed. Let me explain.

“Ignore” is defined in the dictionary as

to fail or refuse to notice; To refuse to pay attention to; disregard.

In order for you to have truly ignored this post (“fail to notice”), you did not need to know it existed. But since you read the title of this post, you know that it exists, and can now only normally ignore (“To refuse to pay attention to”) this post.

The fact is, it is almost impossible to truly ignore something. Most of the time, you only normally ignore something. It is a very rare time when you truly ignore something. This paradox is best explained with an analogy.

Suppose that your family has a calendar that hangs in a central location in your house, and every event is written on the calendar. Everybody who looks at the calendar knows what is going on all month long. Now suppose your brother came along and wrote “Ignore this” on Friday the 19th and quickly ran away before anyone saw him. An hour later, you come along and start reading the calendar out of boredom. You start reading it, starting at day 1, until you get to the 19th. You read the events on that date then come up to the “Ignore this” line. You read it, pay no attention, and move on. Suddenly you stop and re-read the line, noting the handwriting. Once you finish, you find your brother and tell them what a good joke they pulled.

Before you walked up to the calendar, you were truly ignoring the text, since you had no idea it was written. However, once you read the text you knew it was there and could no longer truly ignore it, only normally ignore it.

In conclusion, it is nearly impossible to truly ignore something. Once you read, hear, or know about something, you can never again truly ignore it. You will never be able to ignore this blog post, for you read the title and the content. You are stuck in a paradox, because you did not follow my directions to Ignore This.


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