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Hey everybody! It’s been a while since I made an actual post of interesting/new stuff, so long in fact, that I’m having to split it up into two parts because there is so much to report! In this post, I will talk mainly about blog changes. The next post will be about Games, Code, and Programs. 😉


Yes, I’m late to the party. Normally, I would have already made a post talking about the true meaning of Christmas, either though scriptures from the Bible or from a different angle (I was planning on the latter this year), but I was unable to do so. Instead, I am going to point you to the post I wrote last year, and to two excellent post by Nenen and CrashHeroicPepper which very nicely explain the true meaning of Christmas. 😉

I hope everybody had a good Christmas this year. I did, especially since my whole family was here. I got some really cool things, but that is in part 2.

New Year’s

And now it is New Years. Already? It was just Friday the 13! 😛 There will be a lot of parties on New Year’s Eve, mostly at Midnight, when 2013 will come. There will be the Ball Drop in Times Square in NYC, there will be events in your town, even all over the world. Many people plan to make New Year’s Resolutions, where they plan to do something in 2013, such as cleaning out the garage, or loosing 20 pounds or go on a cruise. I personally will not be attending any parties, since they usually involve some form of Alcohol and as a Christian, I will never touch a drop of that stuff of any kind. However, I have made a resolution: I will not make any New Year’s resolutions. 😛

Blog Changes

Now for the bulk of this post: Everything I have changed on this blog since my last report, as well as a few new additions.

  • Downloads page layout. I was annoyed by all the green buttons, so I’ve redone the layout (again).
  • I received a request to upload Gregion onto MediaFire as a mirror download, since the requester was unable to access Dropbox. I have done so, and the mirror download is on the Downloads page. Despite the mirror, I advise to continue to download Gregion from Dropbox unless you are unable to do so. If you must use the MediaFire link, please have a good Ad Blocker installed, such as AdBlock Plus. I do not want anyone getting an unwanted object from trying to download a legitimate file. Big Thank You to rioforce for hosting the MediaFire mirror!
  • I’ve switched to a Custom Menu for my Nav bar. It provides me with more flexability compared to the normal Nav bar. Unless you knew from analyzing the Nav bar that I was using a Custom Menu or I had told you before, you would not have know I was using it.
  • A while back, I wrote a LEGO LOCO tutorial entitled Replay Tutorials on a Preused Player Name. I had forgotten about it after I made this blog, and I had never posted it on here. Well, I have now! Head on over to the Tutorials section to read my newest LEGO LOCO Tutorial, Replay Tutorials on a Preused Player Name! 😀
  • I’ve created a new Triangle717 icon. My old one was created in MS Paint of all things, and I’ve been resizing the thing to various sizes, making the quality worse every time. I’ve even cleaned up the original to remove a half-transparent triangle, but I finally decided I needed a new one. With a little (and I mean very little) help from rioforce, I have created a new Triangle717 icon in Blender. I’ve cut out a lot of the triangles and changed some of the colors to make it look at lot better, and since it was made completely in Blender, I can render a new one in any size and it will still look good! 😀 I’ve also updated all my headers to use the new Icon.
  • Speaking of graphical changes, I’ve corrected an issue with the background image not matching the background color. The fix? Use a PNG with a transparent backgroung! 😛
  • I’ve updated all my Tutorials to fix outdated info and broken elements.
  • I’ve changed all posts with any links to any Tutorial to use the newest Tutorial name and URl. A lot of them were broken, so I had to fix them.
  • Thanks to the new Custom Menu, I’ve fixed up the Tutorial names in the Nav bar. If it is in the LEGO Racers section, I think we know it is a LEGO Racers tutorial.
  • Before I launched the Stories section, I posted my writings in a blog post. But now that I have a dedicated Story section, I’ve removed the stories in the posts and replaced them with links to the story page and a small summary of the story.
  • I’ve made the biggest update to the Gregion tutorial in a few months. I’ve moved all the screenshots into caption boxes along with their descriptions, making it easier to tell what image is being explained. I’ve also taken some new screenshots, and corrected a lot of text.
  • It has been this way for a while, but I’ve put the LDD to POV-Ray™ Converter tutorial hold. I no longer have a PC to render with, much less install POV-Ray on, so I am unable, for the time being, to update the tutorial. What I have written still works, but it has been massively updated, and now is much easier to render. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Phew! That was a lot of changes! I hope I did not bore you with my change log. Tune in next time for Everything That is New! Part 2, which will discuss Games, Code, and Programs!

UPDATE: Due to lack of time needed to write a big long post with everything I want to say, Everything That is New! Part 2 has been canceled, and the content will be broken up into smaller posts. 😉



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  1. If tried to convert your New Year resolution into code, it would output an error. 😛

    And, sorry about my curiosity, but how can you no longer have a PC to render with? Did it blow up?

    Nice changes to your blog and happy New Year!

    1. I could arrange for my New Year’s resolution to be rewritten in Python make it output an error. 😛

      I told you that on LUNF chat. 😛

      Thanks, and a happy New Year to you too! 😀

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