[U] My Very First Python Program

Note: This post was originally planned to be a part of Everything That is New! Part 2, but I split it just because I felt like it.

It’s more of a test program than a useful program, but it is my nevertheless my first program.

I call it Basic Shapes. It calculates the Perimeter and Area of a Triangle, Circle, Rectangle, and Square. Some of the shapes have other calculations attached to them. I also have an Easter egg thrown in (Hint: a 2×4 ____ brick).

I wrote it in Python 3.3 using IDLE (IDLE is horrible), and compiled x86 and x64 Windows EXEs using cx_Freeze (why, since this is just a test, who knows). The Python script has no dependencies other than a Python interpreter. I did test it on Python 2.7 via the Codecademy Labs Interpreter, and it would not run, which is odd, as it is such a simple script. The EXEs also have no dependencies other than the files in the same folder as the EXE.

As of version 1.1, I have basically rewritten the app to fix it up overall, and to correct the bugs that were present. It now runs as I had originally planned.

Download Basic Shapes from my Downloads page.

Special thanks to JrMasterModelBuilder for helping me set up the multiple Python installations correctly, for looking at my code because I thought it was broken, and just putting up with me and all my annoying questions! 😛

Update! I’ve updated Basic Shapes to V1.1, in which I’ve fixed some code and made overall improvements. If you even care (and if you don’t, I mind not), you can get the updated version from the same link as above.