A Bit of News…

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Between church, school, life, and programming, I’ve had a hard time trying to find time to sit down and write a post. I have stuff to write, that is not the issue. The issue is finding time to write everything!

Per this post’s title, I have a bit of news for you guys.

First article: Everything that is New! Part 2 has been canceled. As I already said. I am having a hard time to sit down and write a post, especially a really big one containing everything I want to say. So, I will be breaking it up into smaller, individual posts based on a single topic. Don’t worry, I write about everything I wanted to… eventually. πŸ˜›

Second article: I will be expanding my blog soon. I am currently writing a new story, I have lots of downloads to update and post, and I hope to be adding a new page with an overview of all programming and coding stuff I’ve done. πŸ˜‰

Third article: After I posted Everything that is New! Part 1, I was contacted with a question about my Gregion tutorial. The person was unable to get a good recording of his game. After a few questions and a bit of research, it was concluded that Gregion has a very hard time recording any game created in any version of Game Maker, from the free to pro to the high-end Studio, and every major and minor release. It creates a lagged video, normal text dialog boxes (not boxes that are created with sprites) are not recorded at all, and unless the game runs in your monitor’s native resolution, it will record your entire screen, with your game in the top left corner and the rest will be black. I has yet to update the tutorial with this info, but I will soon.

While I am on the topic of Gregion bugs, I’m sure you have heard me talk about its many flaws before. With this new one, you may be thinking

“Hey, le717. You are a programmer now. Why don’t you fix it to not have these issues, and add DX 10/11/whatever support?”

The answer to this question is simple:

I was never involved in, helped with, or affiliated with the creation if Gregion.

I only wrote a very in-depth, highly details tutorial on the best way to record with it, and once the website went offline, rehosted it on my Dropbox for an easy, virus-free download. I do not have any source code, nor do I have the time or knowledge to improve it or write a new recorder.

This is why I cannot improve nor create a new version of Gregion.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this little informational post, and I’ll get the new content up the first Sunday that falls in the middle of the week. πŸ˜›



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