Hey guys! In this post, I will be telling you about a real (read non-Inno Setup) program I’m writing in Python 3: PatchIt!

Although LEGO Racers modding is still very young (and I mean very young), the number of mods are expanding rapidly, and there needs to be a standard method to package and install them. Enter PatchIt!


PatchIt!, currently under development, is designed to be this standard method needed, and be simple enough that anyone can figure out how to use it.

The three main goals of PatchIt! are as follows:

  • Ask for LEGO Racers installation path, ensure it exists, and store it as a plain text file in the same folder as PatchIt! to be used for mod installation, and to create a completely portable application.
  • Create PatchIt! patches by entering the mod’s name, version, description, and creator, and pointing it to the modded files. PatchIt! will automatically compress the files into a normal ZIP archive, and write the details to a plain text file (.PiP), and use the mod’s name and version as the ZIP filename.
  • Install PatchIt! patches by selecting the .PiP file, confirm the installation, and automatically decompress the ZIP archive directly into the LEGO Racers installation.

Right now, all of these goals have been achieved in some form and fashion, but not in the proper way I want them to be.

I do not have a firm release date (something will happen as soon as I set one, causing it to break :P), but I’m shooting for the end of February 2013, as I will have written it in about a month’s time (January 23, 2013) which would be pretty good for a beginning programmer.

Naturally, I will compile an EXE for those who do not know how to or cannot run the Python script directly. 😉

A link to the GitHub project is available on the Downloads page, and all PatchIt! releases will be hosted there as well.

If you have any more questions, feel free to read whatever documentation I have on the project (with more to come), and if I left something out, please ask me about it! I’ll try to answer your question the best I can. If you know Python and would like to contribute to the development of PatchIt!, please take a look at Documentation/ located on the rewrite branch.

Video of (almost) PatchIt! 1.0 Beta 2

Well, that’s it for this post! Catch you later, Blog-O-Sphere!