Daylight Savings

Happy Monday morning, Blog-O-Sphere!

le717 asks if everyone is still having issues from Daylight Savings, which, he reminds, officially started at 2AM yesterday (Sunday) morning. le717 says that he semi-is. le717 says that his family moves their clocks forward at 3:00 in the afternoon instead of at bedtime like everyone else, so the transition is a bit easier.

le717 notes how there seems to have been an uptick about DST and the effects it has this time around than in previous years. le717 notes that people seem to be considering it a catastrophe, like it is a monster. DST, however, has been going on for years now, and yet people still make such a big deal about it. le717 believes that technology has semi-cause this giant reaction to such a normal event of the year. le717 says that we are so used to quick, fast, now, it’s the same as it always has been and it should not change, “having it my way” sorta thing, the Daylight Savings have been blown up into a giant, hideous, thing from another world. le717 says that people just need to calm down, deal with the fact that the clocks have changed, and enjoy the extra daylight you now have. le717 predicts that in the fall, when DST ends, that people will be complaining that “their extra sunshine is gone”, whining about how horrible it is, and not even remember the fuss they made earlier in the year about how big a nuisance DST is. le717 jokes that we are a bunch of self-contradictory people. πŸ˜›

le717 says that he is done with this post now, and wishes that you will enjoy these longer days.


P.S. le717 knows he is writing this post in third-person. He says that wanted to do something different for this post, and this is what he thought of. πŸ˜›


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  1. Eh, DST doesn’t really affect me too much. Didn’t even have any getting use to when the change came.

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