Birthday Bash!

Hello Blog-O-Sphere!

Today is my birthday! Bet most of you didn’t know that!

On this special day, I have given you a special gift to celebrate my day: new Python applications!

First, you may have heard me speak of LEGO Island Save Game ReDirect, a tool I wrote in Inno Setup on Christmas Day 2012 to redirect your LEGO Island game saves. Well, since January 2013, I have been slowing rewriting it in Python, and I am happy to announce the official release of ICU ReDirect!

As an overview, ICU ReDirect moves your LEGO Island game saves from the default location in Program Files to wherever you want. It does tell you where the saves are currently located, and allows you to cancel the redirection without making any changes.

Clearly, ICU ReDirect does the same thing as LEGO Island Save Game ReDirect (thus why ICU ReDirect is version 2; I also renamed it), but since it is written in Python, it is much faster and easier to use. I’ve also made it compatible with both 32 and 64-bit Windows, so there is only one EXE.

Second, you remember ICU Sandbox, which I spoke of in a previous post. Yesterday, I finished Beta 2, and am in the process of making 1.0 Stable, which also merges the x86 and x64 builds and improves the code. I would have released it today, but I was unable to do so. I will do my best to finish it tomorrow.

Finally, I am ready to announce the goal of what I’ve been talking about this whole time: ICU (LEGO Island Configuration Utility).

ICU is a WIP LEGO Island configuration package, consisting of the Sandbox, ReDirect, Windower, and eventually, a rewrite of CONFIG.EXE, the config tool that ships with LEGO Island. The final goal of ICU is to merge three four tools and completely replace CONFIG.EXE. Until I can rewrite the config tool, however, ICU consists of each tool which are each run separately, with a main wrapper use load of them from one program. (Don’t confuse the wrapper with the CONFIG.EXE, which merges all the tools. The wrapper only lets you launch the separate tools from one window.) When ICU is complete, yes, all these tools will be merged, but I also plan on keeping these independent, so you can (but not always recommended) to use each of these tools by themselves.

There will be more info on ICU Windower (the Python rewrite of LEGO Island Windower) later, as in, when I start working on it. :P.

ICU ReDirect is not yet available on my Downloads page, so I’ll just link you to the main download folder.

Enjoy my birthday gifts everyone! 😀