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Hey everybody!

As my last gift to you before I go on my three week inactivity, I present to you my newest program: Shutdown Timer!

Shutdown Timer was written somewhat from necessity. You see, my family has a computer that acts as our DVR. We use it to record TV and actually to watch TV (I won’t explain, it’s complicated. :P). In addition, we turn off the computer at night (it has odd glitches when it is left in for days). Well, a few shows don’t go off until 11:30 PM, and we are asleep by then. So we use a shutdown timer to turn it off at midnight or later if a movie is recording.

However, a shutdown timer that works and isn’t bugged in some way is hard to find. One was used is now pay-for, and the free version (which doesn’t do everything as the pay version) is bugged and is hard to set up. An older version that is free is bugged too, but in a different way. Others we found were pay only, with no trial. And to me, $10 is just too much to pay for a program that shuts down your computer at a certain time and looks fancy doing so.

When I began learning how to program in Python, I decided I would write a shutdown timer to shutdown your computer using a simple process, not highly bugged, and does it for free. And that is what I have done.

Shutdown Timer is a Windows-only Python 3 application that does exactly what I said above. Just run it, enter the time in 24-hour (military) time (I was unable to get 12 hour format input working), and it will do its thing. I’ve also added some command-line parameters to it, one of which automates the shutdown time by using the time defined in a file written in the non-command line mode. You can see the arguments by running ShutdownTimer.exe --help.

The secret to this program is Windows’s own semi-secret and hidden shutdown.exe, which is a command-line utility that, as the name implies, shuts down your computer. I took advantage of this program that has shipped with Windows for a while (possibly back to XP) to shutdown your computer when you want it to. It is precise in its shutdown time to the second, meaning if you told it to shutdown at 6:15 in the morning, it will begin the shutdown process at 6:15. I’ve written up a whole system to ensure this happens. In short, this thing is fast, simple, and precise.

As of right now, I have not compiled any EXEs of Shutdown Timer, so until I can (hopefully before my three-week hiatus), you’ll need to have a Python 3.3(.0) interpreter to use it.

You can download Shutdown Timer on GitHub!

I’ll talk to you later in three weeks, Blog-O-Sphere!



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