LEGO LOCO in PatchIt! + Testers Wanted

In this post, I gladly present to you a new part of PatchIt! that I’ve kept quiet, except to a few people. This new part will help keep PatchIt!
up-to-date, and relevant for a while, and also introduces new opportunities down the road.

I speak, of course, of PatchIt! Version 1.1.0 Stable, which brings many improvements, fixes, and changes, some of which I needed to do earlier or wish I didn’t have to do at all. No, this is not a release announcement. That will not come for a little longer. However, this is an announcement for something different.

In addition to all the changes in this monster release, I have added support for sharing your LEGO LOCO maps and custom backgrounds.

Expanding PatchIt! to support other games is not a new idea: I’ve had it almost from the beginning. After I rewrote the code base in V1.0 Beta 2 and wasย  working on 1.0 Stable, both I and rioforce had the idea of supporting other LEGO games, and my new vision for PatchIt! was viable enough for doing so. We tossed around some ideas, expanded them, scrapped some, but kept them all back until I started working on V1.1.0, which would be the best time to add it thanks to all the other changes. After running into some blocks, we both finally managed to decide on a game, and LOCO was the choice.

Yes, LEGO LOCO is not moddable, understood. I do not plan on adding Cyrem’s RF Extractor into PatchIt! like I do the JAM Extractor, but there are some pretty sweet LEGO LOCO maps out there, like a recreation of Nimbus Station from LEGO Universe.

Complete support for LEGO LOCO maps and custom backgrounds is already coded into PatchIt!, and will be available in the next release. It takes major advantage of the new features, such as the redesigned PiP, updated code, and a lot of other stuff. There’s nothing special to be done to use it, it’s just as easy as making a Racers mod. The change log in the QL has been updated with all the required info, so you can get a heads up on everything.
Don’t worry, PatchIt! still is, and will continue to be a LEGO Racers mod installer. That was and still is my intention, and I have no plans on
changing that.

More details on the major updates in PatchIt! Version 1.1.0 Stable will be posted later, but I also want to announce something else.

Sometimes, the best testers of a program is not the developer or relatives. The developer can always find something to fix/change, and relatives always knows what is going on. Sometimes, it is better for people outside the development to test stuff.

Since PatchIt! Version 1.1.0 Stable is such a big release, it is more likely some outstanding bugs or errors that I am missing. So I am issuing a call for 5 (five) testers for this release. This is not a contest; the first 5 people to comment on this post and use the words “PatchIt! Up” in their response (however you want) will receive a package to test PatchIt!, find any bugs or errors, and report them to me. You must also provide a valid way for me to contact you with the info.

Email, WordPress, or Chat is not accepted, as they are insecure and we will not get a chance to meet up. It can be sent through YouTube or the LEGO Universe News Fourms, however. Just provide your channel name (ensure friend long is off!) or LUNF username, and I’ll get it to you.

I may not be doing this again, so this may be a one time thing. If I do ask for more testers for a future release, anyone who agrees to be a tester now will have a reserved spot, and will be about the test early. Anyone who wants to be a tester and did not join here will not get this privilege.
Keep in mind that this offer is also valid on another site, so you are not the only ones who get a chance at this!

The packages will not be sent out until there are two testers signed up. I still have to finish preparing them, and they may not be sent out for a few days (I have no PC access most of the week due to semi-inactivity). All necessary info will be in it.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up! You may never get a chance again! If anyone has any questions about being a tester, any changes in PatchIt!, or just confused by what I said, please say so, and I’ll try to clarify.



5 thoughts on “LEGO LOCO in PatchIt! + Testers Wanted

  1. It’s great to see PatchIt getting bigger! (Nice work!) I can’t be much of help, I don’t have LEGO Racers (I already told you that I think) nor LOCO, but I may still test it out if you want. Others who has the games would probably be of better help.

    1. You told me, but you also said someone might sell you the old games.

      Yes, others who have the game can be of more help, but if you want to test, just tell me whee I can contact you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And is this Hobino, or Brickever? ๐Ÿ˜› You probably should retire the Hobino account and use Brickever from now on.

      1. Would a friend be able to convince you to sell him your LEGO games? Yeah… that’s my situation.

        You know where to contact me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And sorry for the confusion, I need to be consistent with my accounts.

      2. Only if I had multiple copies which were exactly alike. If they were different (like my two copies of LEGO Racers, 1999 and 2001), I see your point.

        Alright. Will contact you on LUNF. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        No confusion at all. Just thought I would mention it.

      3. As you already know, the package has been sent. However, will you please reply to the message? Just say “Uhh” or something. I some notes for you, and FM PM’s really stink don’t allow me to reply to a message the receiver hasn’t replied to.

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