PatchIt! Dev-log #8

March 5-6, 2013
#8 PiP File Format Revision for Version 1.1.0 Stable Draft 2

“Oh! I forgot to tell you one last thing!” Just as the Infomaniac forgot, I forgot to write something in Dev-log #5.

I did not do this in V1.0.x, because the command-line style UI does not lend itself well to this kind of thing, but a full GUI does: Mod Type.

In LEGO Rock Raiders modding, there are multiple types of mods: map mod, sound mod, graphics mod, overhaul mod, just to name a few. Racers already has this kind of mod types: PWB layouts, texture (graphics) mod, custom racers… an overhaul mod is actually already started. In LRR modding, you know what kind of mod you are installing. PatchIt? Not so much. For me to do a mod type field at the beginning of PatchIt! would have been hard work. A GUI, however, simplifies this somewhat. When you are creating a Patch, you can select from a drop down menu a list of predefined mod types, and it can be updated when needed. Depending on the type selected, the PiP file has a line saying what kind of mod this is, and is displayed when installing a Patch. The type must be selected; it cannot be left empty (if this is even possible). The new, Draft 2 layout of the PiP File Format is displayed below. It uses the Draft 1 layout, but with the new Mod Type field. Again, line numbers are included for clarity, They are not written in the file.

(1) // PatchIt! PiP file format V1.1, created by le717 and rioforce.
(2) [ZIP]
(3) This is my ?(. )?
(5) Dr. Spock
(6) 2.1
(7) This is my mod
(8) Overhaul mod
(10) This is not really an overhaul mod,
(11) it is really a complete form of the sub-atomic particle "kco-pS"
(12) but since I am on a budget and this crude software does not have the proper term, I choose

As you can see, the new field is on line 8. Again, I’ve left an empty set of parentheses on line 3 if I can find a different extension for the ZIP. I’ve overly written a description, but it is a good example of the new length.


Since this Dev-log was written, the PiP format has been updated, improving on the Mod Type field. In the Draft 3 format, Mod Type was renamed to MP (short for Multipurpose), and a new Game field was added. In essence, the change to the PiP File Format was adopted, but was later improved on, making this Dev-log more of a building block than an actual big change.