Major Update to LEGO Racers Audio Modding!

Yes! There is some big news in the world of LEGO Racers modding!

You may recall a while back that I wrote a tutorial called LEGO Racers Custom Audio Tutorial. When I wrote it, we did not have much knowledge of the LEGO Racers formats or what could be done to fix the many errors in my tutorial. Well, all that has changed!

My brother rioforce, who you may recall was involved in my research into LEGO Racers Audio Modding, has done his own research and has written a brand new tutorial on how to create completely working custom audio for LEGO Racers! 😀

It has a little trial-and-error involved, but it works much better than mine did. I am still in the process of porting his tutorial to here, but in the mean time, you can read how to create your own custom audio (as it applies to both music and audio) in

LEGO Racers Music Modding (By rioforce)

Enjoy this breakthrough in LEGO Racers modding everyone, and be sure to thank rioforce for his hard work on this tutorial!



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