Shutdown Timer 1.2 + PatchIt! Uninstaller

Yup! New code, new releases, new blog post about it!

Shutdown Timer 1.2

On May 6, 2013, I released version 1.2 of my Shutdown Timer, which you may remember me talking about in a previous post. Upon a lot of usage and testing of my application, I discovered a lot of bugs, and that it actually didn’t work overall!

It seems that the method I used to make it check the current time and act accordingly was broken, and it the program stopped running, possibly a good amount of time before the shutdown time if it was loaded way before the prescribed time. In addition, I had not written a visual indicator to let you know if it was working or not. It just simply said “It is not time here. Your computer will not shut down” every minute. And if it had been running for a while, it was hard to tell if a new message was being printed every minute or not.

One Sunday afternoon (April 28, 2013 to be exact), I ended up almost rewriting the entire timer, improving, changing, adding, and fixing almost (if not) every single aspect of it. And after I received a bit of code help from JrMasterModelBuilder with a while loop (loops are hard for me for some strange reason), I’m happy to announce the release of Shutdown Timer 1.2! 😀

Highlights in this release:

  • Added restart computer parameter, supports force command
  • Display “shutdown” or “restart” in messages depending on if the --restart parameter is passed
  • Conversion of command-line mode (-cmd, --command) to Automatic mode (-a, --auto)
  • Updates to messages, which give a more visual indicator of what is happening
  • Tons (well, not literal tons) of cleanup, fixes, and improvements
  • It, well, actually works this time! No more ending prematurely!

You can read the complete change log in the and download this release from GitHub!

PatchIt! Uninstaller

Also on May 6, 2013, I released an external tool for PatchIt!, the PatchIt! Uninstaller. While it was mainly created for use in the PatchIt! installer itself, I choose to release it separately, as it might be of use to someone.

It is a small tool that allows you to uninstall one (or many) installations of PatchIt! with little effort. If you run the Exe by clicking on it, it will look for installations in the same directory it resides in. However, if you run it via the command line and pass a folder path after it, such as

PiUninstaller.exe "C:\Program Files\PatchIt"

it will use that location to uninstall PatchIt! (Yes, it must be in quotes).

It is released as an x86 Windows Exe, packaged in an Zip archive, so it can be used on any computer.

As I said, this tool is mainly for use in the installer. PatchIt! Version 1.1.0 is a major release, and a lot of stuff I did in V1.0.x has been changed, or is now incompatible or will break 1.1.0. I’ve done my best to remedy this in the installer as much as possible, but there were a few things I could not do, so I wrote this. The best part about this is the uninstaller itself is not uninstalled if/when you remove PatchIt!, so you can use it later, and saves me from having to have the installer install it every time.

Again, special thanks to JrMasterModelBuilder for helping me with the ability to check for and uninstall multiple PatchIt! installations (it was partially another while loop).

The source code of the PatchIt! Uninstaller can be found on the PatchIt! GitHub project, found on the Code page, and you can download this tool (if you think you need it and cannot wait until PatchIt! Version 1.1.0 to get it :P) from GitHub!

Well, that is all for this post! See you next time when I post about whatever I post about, and God bless!

Triang le717