Blocks Has Emerged

No, I did not just use improper English in my post title.

In the English language, a singular noun always takes a singular verb. Singular nouns usually do not end in “s”, while singular verbs usually do. A plural noun always takes a plural verb. Plural nouns usually end in “s”, while plural verbs usually do not. The exception is when a singular noun is used as a proper noun. In that case, the proper noun takes a singular verb.

Told ya. 😛

P.S. Apologies to all my followers who received this in their email already. I was testing out the WordPress for Windows 8 app, and didn’t know it wouldn’t ask me to save a draft.

I told you in my last post that I was going to announce a new application I’ve been writing, and here it is!

It’s called Blocks, and it is a minigame level editor for the 2002 Silicon Dreams PC game Island Xtreme Stunts. It’s a continuation of the LEGO Island games we all own and love. It’s made by the same people as LEGO Island 2, but it is the least known game in the series, a shame considering how much better it is than LEGO Island 2.

You may recall on May 1st I made a small post showing off the copy of IXS I own. Well, the other day, I started poking around in the game files because of an old topic I saw about the IXS Trouble in Store minigames, I found the files referred to in the topic, edited it, and performed the first successful minigame mod! I started writing up an editor for them, and after a bit of trouble getting everything to display properly, I ending up with the program you see above. 😀

About Blocks

Once you have IXS up and running, you just have to launch Blocks, open a level, and start modding to your heart’s desire! 😛

Blocks, though it is stable, is considered a beta, and with good reason: the legend is incomplete, new features and pending creation, and, as someone told me, “it appears to be a fancy text editor”. Also, I’m still working out the format details, so a lot is going to change. If you want to use Blocks, I recommend using it alongside my WIP tutorial, Building With Blocks, to help you understand everything.

Blocks can be downloaded from GitHub!


Enjoy the new modding opportunities, everyone! 😀



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