Very Late-breaking News!

Because I’m not always prompt on my (news) announcements, here is some of my very late-breaking news.

  • I finally bought my own computer in January, and it’s a beauty too. An HP ENVY dv-6 laptop (non-touchscreen), Windows 8, Intel Core i7 Mobile CPU (Ivy Bridge, a few months too early for Haswell), dual GPUs (Intel Integrated HD and nVidia GeForce 630M 2GB), numpad, disc drive, everything I really wanted in a laptop.
  • I finally own Fraps! 😀 I bought it in April, as a treat for myself. However, it doesn’t fully support Windows 8, so I finally figured out how to dual-boot Windows 7 on it so a few select game woulds run better and Fraps would be able to record them.
  • (This one isn’t old at all, actually) Blocks 0.8.5 has been released. This release brings a case-insensitive syntax checker (but it’s still in its early stages; I plan on expanding to check other attributes of the level layout), as well as some other improvements.
  • (And neither is this one) I was finally able to fix the “Traveling Files” issue in PatchIt! 😀 It took two months and 15 commits (yes, I counted. :P) to solve it completely, and while it isn’t my ideal solution, it works.
  • (You know what? Only some of this news is really old. :P) I’ve been looking into Qt GUIs for my Python applications, and rioforce built me a really nice one for ICU. However, I’m having issues actually adding logic to the GUI, so if someone knows of some nice beginners guides to PyQt4, I’d be more than happy to read them. If you can guides for PyQt5, that would be even better!
  • I’ve updated the main page titles on here to be more Python-y, if you can accept that term. 😛 I did this to show that I’m a Python coder, and that you’ll never forget that. ;P

Well, that’s all for now!