A Small Update to Shutdown Timer

Major apologies to my followers who received a blank post in their email on Wednesday. I was having major thumb issues while typing this post up on WordPress for iOS. 😛

I’m just announcing a small update to my Shutdown Timer application. I caught a minor issue in 1.0.2 about a mixed-up variable, causing the messages to be incorrect, kinda like

TheTime.txt has been detected. Your computer will TheTime.txt written in the file.

I’m sure you can pick the error out of the message. 😛 The fix has long been in place, but I forgot to release the thing. 😛 However, the other day I downloaded and installed a new Python IDE called NINJA IDE, which has an automatic PEP 8 checker built in (PEP 8 is the Python script style guide). I had remembered my Shutdown Timer the day before, and I opened it in NINJA, and fixed up all the errors it caught. So this new release also conforms to the PEP 8 guidelines. For you non-Python programmers, this just means I cleaned up my code and made it a bit more readable, and nothing more. 😉

Shutdown Timer is available on GitHub!


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