New PatchIt! Website + x86 Exe Only

That’s right! PatchIt! now has a website! 😀

Yesterday, July 15, rioforce was inspired by a new Readme one of the PatchIt! Version 1.1.1 RC testers was building, and spent all day building a brand new Readme in a website designer. However, by the end of the day, we agreed that I was going to use it as the Readme, but also as a website for PatchIt!, since I have never made one and rio had bugged me for a while to do so. 😛 The new readme-turned-website-but-is-still-a-readme replaces the Read-Me-First.html and PatchIt-Compatible.html files, so from now on, all installations of PatchIt! contain this awesome new document! We are still trying to fix some minor bugs and issues, but that is normal with anything digital. The Quick Links widget has been updated with the new links, or you can click this text right here to view it! It even looks nice on a mobile device! 😀

In other news, I’ve removed the 64-bit Windows exe of PatchIt!. I really didn’t want to do it, but it it makes the download much larger then it really needed to be, it kinda broke my promise of a completely portable application (it installed the x64 version if you run x64 Windows. If you were to copy PatchIt! to your flash drive and run it on an x86 machine, you couldn’t; thus it isn’t truly portable), and when I factor in the forth-coming GUI and I have to include both the x86 and x64 libraries, it made a lot of sense to remove the x64 build now before PatchIt! gets too large. 🙂

Enjoy, everyone!