Up-to-date News!

Last week, I posted some news that was pretty old. However, in this post, I’m going to post some brand news! 😀 But before I begin, here’s a hint:

Main Screen

If you couldn’t tell, that is an Android device, with rioforce’s Run, Brickster, Run! image as the wallpaper. What am I trying to say? I know have an Android device!

Its a Sony Xperia LT, phone, special Bond edition, running Android 4.1.2 (well, now it is. It originally had its shipping 4.0.1 version). My uncle gave it to me (as a surprise) on Saturday, (July 13, 2013), as he thought it would be a good way to teach myself mobile application programming. It has no SIM card (as I expected. :P), and since it is a GSM phone (CDMA phones are the only kind of phones that work here), and I’m not going to buy a contract of any sort, I’m using it as a Wifi-only device. 😛 I’ve already been using it to write posts, reply to comments,
and know when I have a new email. In fact, the majority of this post was written in WordPress for Android! And just for factual information, I really don’t like James Bond, just his theme song! 😛

I’ve taken some pictures of the unboxing, and put them on Flickr, and you can view them in the set below.


I’m still trying to learn everything and press the correct buttons and get it all set up, and I’m probably going to replace this keyboard (any suggestions?), but I still enjoy it. 🙂

As for mobile programming, I found something called Kivy that would let me make mobile apps with Python… just don’t expect a program using that anytime soon. ;P

Also, since this post is called Up-to-Date News, it wouldn’t be post hijacking to mention this: rioforce has fixed up my background image, making it look better and darkening the color, creating a nice contrast between it and the reading area. It is such a contrast, I keep having to do a double take “That’s not my blog, yes it is.” 😛 I’ve also changed the page titles to use the main text, and moved the Python elements to just the navigation bar, making everything look a bit neater.

Well, that’s all the news for now!



2 thoughts on “Up-to-date News!

  1. Well this comment is pretty late, but still ; have fun with your phone! I have also a Sony smartphone ( xperia miro) and I love the way how Sony modificated Android 😛
    Can’t wait to test a app made by you! 😛
    If you need any alpha/beta testers for a app you made, just ask! I am also learning how to make apps a bit ( html5 ones) but I am still learning 😛

    1. Thanks Brick! I hear all Sony added was little animations, but that can still help!

      As I said, a mobile app won’t be coming too soon, as I’ve yet to even download Kivy and because I have lots of stuff coming up, but I’ll make one… Eventually. 😛

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