Another New Python Tutorial!

Yes, I’ve been writing a lot of Python tutorials lately, haven’t I? Well, I enjoy doing so, and for the last two tutorials now (this one and the previous) I’ve been asked about a problem that I was writing on, so I see no reason to stop. 🙂

Today’s tutorial is called

Moving One Directory Up

It deals with the issue of programmatically moving one directory above the current working directory. As you will learn, the action needed is pretty simple and straight forward, but you’ll have a hard time finding any information on it, and you’ll end up either writing a long work-around, altering your plans, or digging through the Python documentation trying to scrape up a solution.

Just click the link above to go straight to the tutorial or look for it in the Python category of my Tutorials section in the Navigation bar. If you have any questions, or comments, please, voice them in the comments. If you would like to share this tutorial on your blog, I ask for nothing but a link back to this post. 😉

Enjoy! 😀


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