Blocks 0.8.6

Yes, it’s time for another update to Blocks. This time, it’s more of an minor update, but an update is an update.

This time around, I’ve updated the syntax checker with level size. If your level is less than or greater than 8 lines, it will warn you about the error so you can fix it. I didn’t get a chance to add character indentation or line length (yet), and the latter will actually be a bit harder to add, as I might have to base the line length relative to some other line, unless I can get the length without different characters changing the result. I’ve also improved the internal code a bit, fixed up how the Character Legend is display, and also reworked the code a bit to help accommodate a New Level feature in a future version. There is actually New Level code present in this release, as there was in Blocks 0.8.5, but it is still not accessible by the end-user as it’s incomplete (I’m sure you understand that ;)).

Also, with every release, you get a copy of my Work-in-Progress tutorial, Building With Blocks. It teaches beginning modding lessons to help you successfully mod the minigame levels. I just finished writing Task #3: Adding a One-way, west-bound Red Cube. You can read the tutorial (or what’s written of it) on GitHub.

As always, you can download Blocks 0.8.6 from GitHub.

Happy modding! 😀


3 thoughts on “Blocks 0.8.6

  1. Alright then. I was thinking it was an independent level creator with text that was turned into a playable block level… oky doky. 😛

    -The [Guy]

    1. It is a modding tool for the Trouble in Store minigames in (LEGO) Island Xtreme Stunts. The introduction of Building With Blocks should explain it a bit more. 😉 The errors you get are the syntax checker picking up invalid characters. 😛 If you don’t own/don’t care about IXS modding, then you can ignore this tool until you do. 😛

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