PatchIt! Version 1.1.1 Stable!

PatchIt! Version 1.1.1 Stable, codenamed “Hitting the TARget”, has been released! πŸ˜€

I’ve fixed all the crazy bugs from the previous release monster, further improved the PiP Format, the long-standing Traveling Files issue has been closed, and made lots of tweaks and improvements. I’ve already updated the PatchIt! Extras, and the website is mostly finalized. A few things my RC testers, JimbobJeffers and RobExplorien, reported where not fixed, but they were minor enough to warrant a delay until the next release.

I think the big news is the updated PiP Format, and the closure of the Traveling Files issue, as they go hand-in-hand. In 1.1.0, I updated only the PiP File Format. However, this release updates the format completely. As part of my original plan to solve the Traveling Files, I was going to switch from Zip archive Patches to Tar archive Patches. Although the Traveling Files solution would work for either Zip or Tar, I have chosen to use an LZMA-compressed Tar archive as the new archive format for PatchIt. Both formats are open, so you can still create/install them yourself, and the resulting Patches are much much smaller; sometimes by a few megabytes. The new format is identified by the .PiA extension, which stands for PatchIt! Archive.

in addition, the PiP File Format (.PiP) has also been improved over the 1.1.0 version, with two lines now serving as a validity check, and the layout changed up a bit for easier reading/manual creation/editing. Further more, improved checks have been added to detect what Patch version you are trying to install. All new Patches are incompatible with PatchIt! v1.0.x, and can only be installed with Version 1.1.1 Stable and onward. However, I have kept the 1.0.x installation module for now, so old mods can be installed, but not created. It is recommended all current and future mods use the new format.

As I keep saying, the Traveling Files issues has (at last!) been fixed. The exact workflow:

  • Make a copy of the entire Patch files in a temporary folder beside the files
  • Sort through and delete (yes, from the HDD) any illegal files in the temporary folder
  • Compress the Patch using the contents in the temporary folder
  • Delete the temporary folder.

It’s not ideal, since I’d rather have the virtual list so no files would actually be removed, but it works well. It made Patch Creation a bit slower, but it’s not near as slow as V1 of the blacklist (thr RC testers can witness to that if they want to), but it is worth it. I’m still researching into the virtual list, though.

Like I said, a lot of improvements and tweaks have been made, so many it’s impossible for me to list them, and whatever issues that were present have been fixed. I’ve been using the release to update the Extras and a few other mods, and I’ve encountered no bugs whatsoever. I also added a new feature that would help in future updates and features. See if you can find it. πŸ˜‰ Thus, I think “Hitting the TARget” is an appropriate code name. πŸ™‚ I promise, this release is completely safe to use, and is nothing like 1.1.0. πŸ˜‰

I’ve also started a new GitHub repo called ShareIt!. I plan on using it to eventually host all PatchIt! Compatible mods, and have it serve as the central location to share and download Patches from. If you are the creator of a PatchIt! Patch, let me know! I’ll host your mod there, along with a write short description of the mod that you get to write. Full credit will always be given. The PatchIt! Extras have been moved there, and the first mod, Rock Racers has also been posted there. If you’re wondering how long is a short description, check out the description to Rock Racers.

Remember, this release makes PatchIt! an x86 only download, so if you want an x64 build, you’ll need to freeze it yourself or play me $100 to do it for you. (JK about the money. But you’ll still have to freeze it yourself. :P)

As always, PatchIt! Version 1.1.1 Stable is available from GitHub! πŸ˜€