Run As Admin Utility Application (Contingency Coder Reblog)

This is an awesome utility TheMachine has written here. It’s simple to use, and works like a charm. I’m the friend whose going to use it in my Python programs, JSYK, πŸ˜‰ Expect to see it in action very soon!

Contingency Coder

Recently, I wrote a small, win32 native utility to launch executables with administrator rights by utilizing a UAC prompt when launching the other application. You can check out the full source on Github if you want to learn more. The application can also utilize configurable and dynamic command line arguments, if your application needs that.

The release binary is around 30KB in size, and produces no pop-up windows unless there is an error. Errors are handled pretty well and displayed using a discrete message box. Feel free to redistribute it with your application, and attribution would be nice (just leave the executable name intact πŸ˜‰ ).

Also, if you could, comment or let me know if you are using it. I’d love to get any feedback you have on it, or you can use the Github issue system for bugs/feature requests. A friend of mine has already told me he…

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