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As I talked about in my last post, I now own 11 more classic LEGO video games. While I’ve been wanting most all of those, there were a few in particular that I’ve wanted more than the others. One of those was LEGO® LEGOLAND. This game has been on my list for a while, mainly for one reason: the installer.

Like all the classic LEGO video games, this too has a 16-bit InstallShield installer. However, unlike all the other installers, this one is near impossible to run. Instead of having a 32-bit helper like all the others, this one is purely 16-bit, meaning it can’t be run at all on 64-bit Windows. In addition, the game files on the disc are kinda hidden, split between uncompressed and compressed into an archive. On top of that, the game has registry strings, so even if you could get all the files, it would not run. A workaround to this was found, and it works most of the time.

As you know, I’ve written alternate installers before. I have one for Racers, Racers 2, Island, and LOCO. So if an alternate installer could be created, I could do it. Well, now that I own this mysterious game, I can work on the total destruction of this installer.

And destroy it I did. This morning and for a bit after lunch, I worked out how to install LEGOLAND. And at long last, a completely working, modern way to install this game has been developed.

The game files, as I said, are split between a compressed archive and sitting uncompressed on the disc, and registry strings are needed. The audio, SFX, and a few AVIs are uncompressed, while the zbuffer folder, movies, and other stuff is located in the archive, namely main.z. This archive is an InstallShield 3.x archive from the early 1990s (and this game was released in 1999). I got the tool to extract the archive, figured out what files I needed to pull off the disc and where to put them, scanned my log of all installer actions of the workaround installer, created using Process Monitor, quickly wrote a batch script to remove an unneeded file, performed all my usual quality checks (such as ensuring the save games are never removed), and released the first version this afternoon.

The installer is not a complete rewrite of the original installer, it doesn’t have all the installation options like the original, so it automatically installs all game files (a full installation in the original installer). That doesn’t mean it runs without a CD, I don’t think there is an no-CD trick. All that may come later. But for now, there is now a stable way to install this game, and another 16-bit installer has been defeated.

You can get the LEGO® LEGOLAND Alternate Installer from GitHub. If you get an error saying your disc is not supported, let me know! I’ll get back with you and try to support it. 😉




28 thoughts on “LEGO LEGOLAND Alternate Installer

  1. when i try to run the installer, it says ” is there a LEGO® LEGOLAND CD in your computer? if not please insert it and press OK” so i do, and i press ok, but the message keeps popping up. ive tried ejecting it and inserting it again but i wont work.

    1. Its also the fun club version of the game and my pc is running on windows 8.1 64 bit, 1080p X 1920p resolution and an AMD A8-6500 APU (with radeon hd graphics) graphics card. it would be appreciated if you or someone could help me

  2. Hi

    I downloaded your alternate installer but it just asks for the disc to be inserted, I click ok and the message just keeps popping up.

    I have the ‘funclub’ version of the game so the disc might be slightly different? I’m trying to run it on a 64bit version of Windows 8.1.

    I really want to play this game.

  3. Thanks man, it works on Windows 10 (in compatibility mode for XP). Thought I’d lost one of my favorite nostalgia games til I found your site. Keep up the good work, ppreciate it!

  4. hey
    i need help, i just downloaded the installer and have the game running but whenever i want to play it properly then the game crashes .. i don’t why it does this

    help would be very much appreciated

  5. hello – firstly thanks a bunch for this – haven’t played this game since i was a teeny lass! the installer worked a dream and the game plays fine, but i have a problem where whenever i load a saved game, the sound will cut out. anyone know anything? thanks!

    1. Hey! Glad it was helpful to you. 🙂 I might have that bug before but I don’t remember. Can’t check now as LL is not installed (and I’m lacking time to play). Does the audio remain silent or come back? What OS are you running (e.g., Windows 7 x64)?

  6. I have a problem. I cannot open the game it says;
    Lego Land cannot initialize the graphics
    ^it was originally in Dutch, because I am Dutch as well so if there is information missing I am sorry.
    I hope you could help me out because I am not good with computers and I cannot find any way to fix this.
    I have a laptop with windows 8.1

    1. The installer does not do anything to help LEGOLAND run better, it only installs it on your computer. I would try running the game using a compatibility mode. The exact one to use will depend on your computer, but it will probably be a Windows XP option.

      Hope this helps!

      1. I used the compatibility troubleshooter and it said it could not be run:(
        But your answer did help, now I don’t have to search for hours on the internetXD

  7. hey, i just downloaded the installer. and i have the game running but whenever i click to start the tutorial it crashes.

      1. That is not an issue with the alternate installer, that is a problem with the game itself. It is an older game, and as such it may have issues running on newer computers. Try searching “run legoland game on windows 7”, you should come up with links that will help you. Sorry! 😦

  8. Hi, I bought LEGOLAND a few weeks ago and have had lots of trouble installing it, I downloaded your alternate installer but it just asks for the disc to be inserted, I click ok and the message just keeps popping up.

    I have the ‘funclub’ version of the game so the disc might be slightly different? I’m trying to run it on a 64bit version of Windows 8.1.

    Any help would be very much appreciated! 🙂

    1. Hey!

      Dude, you hit the button. Alternate releases that come with multiple games always have a different folder structure than a standalone release. The installer looks for a certain file to confirm a LEGOLAND disc, and if it can’t find it, that error will occur. 64-bit Windows is not the issue at all, that’s what messes up the original installer. 😉

      I’ll try to patch this ASAP, but I’m real busy with college work. If it’s OK, I’ll probably make a quick fix for you and finish up any installer refinements later. However, I need something from you. Can you take a screenshot of the root of your disc and the subfolder LEGOLAND is located in and send them to me (just paste the links in a comment reply)? What I’m looking for is the folder path to the main.z file LEGOLAND uses. The sooner you can get this, the sooner I can patch the installer and get it working.

      Thanks for reporting this, and take care. 🙂

  9. Awesome! I guess I’ve never tried to install it on a x64, I just used it on a x32 and finished it, then forgot about it as it goes in my stack of old LEGO games. I know what to do if I want to play it again, I suppose… 😛

    -The [Guy]

    1. Yes, you do, plus RRU if you any trouble any of the games. As I said in my last post, I may write some alternate installers for other classic LEGO games, but we’ll see what happens. 😉

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