Relaunch of the LEGO® Racers Custom Audio Tutorial

Yea, I’m making a lot of posts today. 😛

It’s been three months since I announced that rioforce expanded and improved my LEGO® Racers Custom Audio Tutorial. After that, I took down my tutorial on here to sync it with his copy, thinking it wouldn’t take long. Well…. time flies when your busy. 😛

I’ve had the final text on here for a bit, but I just haven’t got it all in order and formatted. Tonight, I finished that job, and the LEGO® Racers Custom Audio Tutorial is back online! 😀 You’ll find it in the same place it was before, in the LEGO® Racers category of the Tutorials section. 😉

I also cleaned my Code page like I’ve also been meaning to do. Entropy was beginning to take place. 😛

I noticed my Beginner’s Guide to LDD to POV-Ray Tutorial has been getting a lot of traffic lately, despite it being majorly out of date and broken. I’ll see if I can work on that next. 😉

That’s all for this post!