LMS – LEGO® Rock Raiders System

And no, this is not a new application announcement. It’s actually an advertisement, one of the good kinds.  🙂

If you own a copy of LEGO® Rock Raiders and would like to get into the modding scene, this program might be for you.

LMS is a Work-in-Progress Python application by Rock Raiders United member TheDoctor to be a standard modding system for LEGO® Rock Raiders. It currently features automatic WAD compression and extraction, game launching, and placement of the required D3DRM.DLL file to run the game. The pending 0.1.4 release is a nice update, containing a large amount of improvements, as well as an automatic updater. Many more features, most being ported from his original Java implementations, are planned.

As of 0.1.4, LMS is also included in my ever-growing line up of LEGO® Alternate Installers. As a small contribution to this great project, I implemented an alternate installer he originally implemented in Java, began to port, and hadn’t completed. As I said a few posts ago, Rock Raiders is finally in my possession, and since I’ve been wanting to write an alternate installer for it for quite a while now and even offered to help Doc with LMS, I saw this as a good time to do both. Everything in the original version plus a planned feature was ported, making it the second alternate installer for Rock Raiders (there has been manual a manual installation method for quite some time). (Side note: this does not mean I won’t be writing an Inno Setup installer, it just means it may not come as soon.)

Like any alpha software, LMS does contain a few bugs and incomplete/missing features (the minor version number is “SUPER TEST EDITION“, no joke), but they will be fixed/added in due time. So you may not want to plunge head-first into it, but you may want to try the waters and keep your eye on it. 😉

LMS is open-source, available on GitHub, and the announcement thread and download is on RRU.

Well, that’s the end of this advertisement! You now know of a great program that will eventually manage any mods for Rock Raiders!