Legos in Space: The Movie: The Fanfic: The Animated Fan Movie

On June 3rd, 2013, jamesster wrote a fanfic for his own wildly popular series,  Legos in Space. The fanfic was based on the movie he made when he was 8 years old, and was titled after the Legos in Space video games he released. The fanfic was greatly praised. On June 11, out of fun, I recorded an audiobook of the fanfic, and it too entered into the expanding Legos in Space series. On June 18, LimeKiller and Prototyke announced that an animated fan movie of the fanfic was going to be produced with jamesster’s consent, and would use my audio book for narration. After a set back on August 17 due to a computer crash that resulted in the loss of work, it was published exactly two weeks later, which is today, August 31, just as the creators said it would be.

And it is crazy.

Just thought you might want to see this awesome piece of work. 😀 Enjoy the VA! 😛