LEGO Racers 2 Modding, here we come!

At long last, LEGO® Racers 2 is moddable! 😀 After a long hiatus by both JrMasterModelBuilder and any developments in possible modding, the GAMEDATA.GTC archive has finally been broken! JrMasterModelBuilder (JMMB) has just released his UNGTC utility, which extracts and compresses the GAMEDATA.GTC archive in both LR2 and Drome Racers! It is written in C++, and is available with source code and Windows + Mac OS X binaries on GitHub. Although this tool was only released less than 24 hours ago, believe it or not, mods already exist!  jamesster has figured out how to enable  all possible bricks an FCC the chassis (still has to work out the brick limit) and has videos of undisclosed modding waiting to be uploaded, Xiron has figured out how to stop Sparky from yammering his head off when visiting a completed world, and I have modded the SFX, and am currently drafting the LEGO® Racers 2 Custom Sound FX Tutorial to go along with my Custom Music tutorial.

This is a major breakthrough many people have been waiting for, myself included. I even asked Dad to let me stay up an extra 15 minutes just to catch the announcement (and it came 7 minutes after I turned it off :P),  was awake at least an extra 30 minutes thinking instead of sleeping, was literally giddy from the excitement, and did not sleep as well as I could because I was thinking about it, but it was all worth it. 🙂

For complete details on this exciting event, just head on over to! And to get your taste buds primed for modding, here is my video of the first SFX mod ever!

Happy New Modding!


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