[Ux3] LEGO® Racers 2 Custom Sound FX Tutorial!

Well, well, well… not even 72 hours after UNGTC was released and opened up LEGO® Racers 2 modding, I have written my (pretty much expected and and almost obligatory)

LEGO® Racers 2 Custom Sound FX Tutorial!

Per the self-explanatory title, it tells how to create your very own custom sound effects! It uses a different format than the music (unlike LEGO® Racers…), but it is a common format and can be easily changed. So to all you LEGO® Racers 2 fans who want to edit Sparky’s voice, you now can! 😀

Do note that this could be considered “Version 1” of the tutorial. A few steps may be able to be removed or done differently, and it could also apply to LEGO® Drome Racers. I do already know of a step (courtesy of Xiron) that can be done differently, but I haven’t updated it with that info yet.

And now it’s time for a shameless plug! 😛

If you own LEGO® Racers 2 but can’t seem to get it installed on your computer due to a “Not enough memory” error, then try my LEGO® Racers 2 Alternate Installer! Written using Inno Setup, this is a modern installer that uses modern technology and successfully installs LEGO® Racers 2 on any modern computer without the annoying “Not enough memory” error! 😀 Just supply your disc and let it work! However, if you do have trouble with the installer, such as it not detecting your disc, just report the error to me along with any message you get + the operating system you ran it on, and I will look into the error. If there are any more details I need, I will ask you for them. 😉

# ------------ End shameless plug :P ------------ #

That’s all for this post! Happy SFX modding everyone!



Not even 10 minutes after I posted this, I received confirmation that the tutorial does indeed work in LEGO® Drome Racers! In addition, I another piece of info (once again, thanks to Xiron) that helps create better quality sounds. I have not yet updated the tutorial with these changes, but I will! 😀

Update #2

Actually, I just finished updating the tutorial to “Version 2”, which mentions LEGO® Drome Racers support, some clarification on one step, reminding you that one step is very important, and some minor formatting changes. Stay tuned, because “Version 3” has yet to land!

Update #3

“Version 3” has arrived! This revision brings mention of use of 44100Hz audio instead of 22050, allowing for higher quality sounds. Once again, thanks Xiron for the tip! There will be at least one more revision to list another change in the process, but I have to test it out first.