Blender 2.6 LDraw Importer v1.0 – Banbury Edition

Long time readers may remember when I adopted a Blender 2.5 LDraw Importer script in October 2012 and began maintaining it to the best of my ability, finally posting it on GitHub. Those readers may all also remember how a new release was made after almost every release of Blender. While those releases were mainly bug fixes to remove old code from the 2.5 API, I did my best to sneak at least a small, non-bug fix in it.

The people who used the script will remember having to manually edit the Python script to set the path to their LDraw System of Tools installation and the many limitations it had, such as not fully supporting quads.

Both groups may notice that since I posted it on GitHub in January 2013, I have made no release, announcement, or even mention the script for 8 months, despite getting a bug report every now and then.

Clearly, this post has broken that 8 months of silence (much like how John the Baptist had a word from God after 400 years without a message), and what better way to break that silence than with the announcement of a 1.0 release! 😀

Thanks to the very generous contributions to the project by Banbury, Blender 2.6 LDraw Importer is now at version 1.0, officially dubbed the Banbury Edition because… you can guess why. 😉

Among the improvements in this version is

  • Better material color management and application
  • Support for transparent colors
  • Proper support for quads in each brick
  • Greatly improved model cleanup
  • Don’t use high quality bricks by default
  • Ability to set installation path to LDraw from within Blender, saved between instances using presets
  • Tons of bug fixes and improvements
  • Ability to import all possible bricks, including unofficial bricks (this one has actually been possible since 0.6 :P)

In addition, more features are already in the master branch, including

  • Support for metallic and rubber colors
  • Experimental support for Cycles materials

Despite these improvements, Bricksmith LDR files and MPD (Multi-part DAT) files are not supported yet (sorry Mac users!), issues with the way the script works have been identified, and many other bugs are present. However, we hope to fix all these in due time.

Also, all releases from now on are hosted using GitHub Releases instead of SourceForge, making it much easier to download the latest revision, be it stable release, near-final, or bleeding-edge code.

Download Blender 2.6 LDraw Importer v1.0 – Banbury Edition from GitHub!

Brick on, everybody! 😀


4 thoughts on “Blender 2.6 LDraw Importer v1.0 – Banbury Edition

    1. Define “optimization”. A lot of changes were put into the script by Banbury, and many of those were optimization. In addition, he’s discovered the way the script works can be better, but it would take a major rewrite.

      1. Optimization, as in the geometry. Last time I used your script, 30-40 bricks were like 750K vertices. If you don’t have anything like this, you should–at the very least–put something in the README that tells people who use this for games to manually optimize their models before using them. 😛 LNA and some of the other fan-game teams have an insane amount of geometry in some of their smaller scenes.

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