Creation Lab Retiring (And How to Save Your Creations!)

I pushed LUCA from v0.3 to v1.0 in three days. So help me, I am not doing that again unless it is job related.

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Hi all,

Thursday, on the LEGO Message Boards, the moderator WhiteAlligator broke the tragic news to us that the LEGO Universe Creation Lab is officially retiring. After almost 3 years since LEGO Universe opened, the long lived and loved creation lab will officially close too, on October 25, 2013. One day before the 3 year birthday of LEGO Universe. We are told that the creation lab is going to be set to read-only mode for a little while, but we do not know how long before it officially closes. When LEGO discontinues their other set lines, it is usually a couple of years before they finally delete the site to make room for another theme. Well, the closure of the Creation Lab may just mean the closure of the LEGO Universe website also.

To read the entire LEGO Message Boards article, click below:

Goodbye Professor Brickkeeper! We will always…

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2 thoughts on “Creation Lab Retiring (And How to Save Your Creations!)

    1. Yea… you really thought that first comment was going to go through? 😛
      I forgot to update the version number. If you are really paranoid about having the right version though, I’ve uploaded a fixed build.

      As for only 208 creations downloading, I have just ran your username through it. It incorrectly reports 411, but Explorer say I have 363, like you said. Just let it run, and don’t worry. You have a few videos in there, and it can take a while to download those. 😉

      As for order, it starts on the last page (so, oldest creations), and I think it goes from the top left of the page to the bottom. Will have to check.

      So, how did you find me here, again? Following the link from LUN (LEGO Universe News)?

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