Quick: what is the first thing you read when you begin reading a post? Easy: the title. That is because it is a first impression. From the time you were able to learn and understand, you have been taught that first impressions count. Post titles give you an idea of post content and if you may be interested or not. When I write a post, I always try to have an informative title, even if it is a bit humorous. In my eyes, this kind of title gives a good first impression.

Lately I have been making a quite a few posts on various topics. While the post content has been easy to write, titles are increasingly becoming harder to create. This is just something that is blocking me from forming the types of titles I have used in times part, like “Blocks Had Emerged” and “I do not agree”. Instead, I end up with boring ones like “Spelling Tips” and “Floppy Drive Music”. I even had trouble choosing a title for this post (although I finally got one).

Despite my lack of creativity in naming my posts, I am not really worried. This has happened before and it will happen again. So, until this is broken, you my readers will have to put up with boring first post impressions. 😛


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  1. Actually, I ignored the title this time around for some reason. I was like “oh another blog post from le717 *starts reading*”

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