This really happened to me

The is a true story that really happened to me, pulled from a conversation I had with Segatendo12 (Xiron). I do not remember exactly when this happened, but it was at least 1.5 years ago. All messages by him are prefixed with an >.

Have you ever heard of [the fast food chain] Arbys?

> Yup.

Me, Rio, Mom and Dad were there one night.
It was around 9.
They had the local oldies radio station playing.
Guess what song played.

> Never Gonna Give You Up?
> I can’t think of any old songs.


> Oh wow. Haha.


> Roll’d while being out. XD

Mom and Dad didn’t know the song.

> Go figure.

The DJ is a baby-boomer himself.
I doubt he knew it now means a rick-roll.

> XP

But yea, we, the other people there, and anyone listening to it got rick-roll’d by a guy who may not know there is such a thing as a rick-roll.
I’ve met him.
He still has the big hair.
It was crazy.

> Sounds crazy.