Happy 3rd Birthday, LEGO Universe!

LEGO Universe News!

On October 26, 2010, the official public launch of LEGO Universe happened. It was a joyous occasion for many, as they started a new adventure as a minifigure in a vast Universe of imagination and creativity. For some though, it was just a re-start and continuation of their adventure, for they had already made friends and had adventures in Alpha and Beta. LEGO Universe lived and thrived for just over a year, when the announcement of it’s closure struck, on November 4th 2011: just 9 days after it’s first birthday. On January 31, 2012, LEGO Universe closed. There was much sorrow, but now we can look back upon it and celebrate the great times we did have, and no longer feel sad, as long as we look back on the good things. 🙂

Today, October 26, 2013 is LEGO Universe’s 3rd Birthday (can you believe it’s been 3 years already?)…

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