So, I did two Let’s Play

I am surprised I did not post on this before, and I did I do not remember/search (strangely) did not pick it up.

As a bit of some background knowledge to help some understand this post, a Let’s Play (abbreviated LP). For those who do not know what that means, an LP is where someone (or a few people) plays a video game (usually the entire thing) while recording their screen. They also have a microphone (or two) connected and they give commentary as they play the game. This last part is what distinguishes LP’s from Walkthroughs, which are only recordings. Let’s Plays come in two types: normal, which is the more traditional type, and blind, meaning the player(s) have not played this game before, either in months or years past or before they started recording.

Back in July of this year, I did my very first LP. I played a game known as OpenBlox, a self-described open-source remake of ROBLOX, a popular but usually bad children’s online game where you can build stuff and write modified LUA script to make it do stuff. Compared to OpenBlox, however, ROBLOX looked a good game. Thus my first LP was of a bad game that you never need to play (seriously, never play it. An unavoidable dependency it downloads wrecks the System PATH). Every so often, even last week people talk about it. It was that bad. Here is the teaser video of it and link to the playlist to watch it… if you dare. You can safely skip Part 1. I am giving an introduction and background in it, does not contain gameplay, and is rather boring.

OpenBlox playlist

Four months later (November 14, last Thursday, actually), I did my second LP with a surprise second player named rioforce (whom you know by now is my brother). I had been saying that week I was going to do it, but I did not say what it was until I published the teaser.

With that trailer, I confirmed a suspicion some may have had not never voiced: I was playing another bad game, this time one called BIOINCLE UNIVERSE: THE BOHROK’S REVENGE. I was introduced to this game by jamesster as an unbeatable game, with a challenge to play it and attempt to beat it. 1.5 hours later we finished the game, beating the boss and writing another chapter in my LP’ing history. If it had not been for rioforce, this thing may have ended up in the digital garbage dump, he really helped liven up the entire night. Thanks rio! 😀

We are not sure if the creator intentionally made a troll game or thought this was good. If the latter, yikes. If the former, then job well done. Anyway you look at it, it is a bad game the end.


There you have it, my first two Let’s Plays! Watch them and prepare to laugh, cry, and flat out be amused. I had fun playing them, and hopefully you will enjoy the fun with us. 🙂

If you are wondering when I will do another one, don’t hold your breath. It was four months before I did this newest one. Don’t attempt to suggest games for me to play, I will ignore them. ;P However, if/when I do another one, I already have a few games in mind.



3 thoughts on “So, I did two Let’s Play

  1. for(games in letsPlays): print("The game {0} looks awful!".format(; So I guess there’s no chance of a Bitdrill LP? 😛 And now my comment might be ignored 🙂 Oh, and congrats on 10 days till college ends!

    1. I’m warning you Stopsecret, you’ll need to be careful posting code around me. See the code I have in the navigation bar? It shows my dedication. You have mixed Python and JavaScript and got yourself some PEP 8 errors. And Is that C# or something? Because in both Python and JS, you only need name to display the title, and only Python has .format(), and print() in JS actually prints to your printer. Anyway you look at it, you have not earned yourself syntax errors (plural). Stopsecret, what on earth am I going to do with you… ;P As I said (did I say this?), I only LP when 1. there is time and 2. when I will not be disturbed much, and it took many months for that to happen. But who knows, I may just LP Bitdrill… if you can finish it enough to LP Your comment has not been ignored. If it were ignored, you would not be reading this. 😛 Thanks! However, that may go down dramatically tomorrow or Wednesday. I am pretty sure I calculated incorrectly, and this week is the last week. 😀

      1. I guess I should go through my code more throughly before posting the stuff here 😛 And as for the .name thing, you can use ‘.’ it in C# to access members of a class. I believe python tends to work like that. It was just supposed to be a variable representing the name. If I can finish it enough to LP? Is that a challenge? 🙂

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