Two New LEGO® Racers Tutorials!

Just in time for Christmas, I present to you not one but two brand new LEGO® Racers tutorials! 😀

The first is called Activate Windowed Mode, which explains how to reliably active the built-in windowed mode. I actually wrote this one a while back and published it elsewhere (but not here), but I have rewritten it to clarify some things and make it more reliable. Do note it does not work on Windows 8.x, it only supports up to Windows 7. This is because Microsoft made internal changes that prohibit it from working. I’m sorry about this, and am looking into an equivalent method for that OS. 😦 However, for all you Windows 7 (even XP and Vista) users, knock yourselves out. 😛

The second new tutorial is not much of a tutorial, but more of an F.A.Q, namely the Support F.A.Q. This one was created in a rather different way. Rather than me sitting down and writing it, it originally started as a series of quotes by me someone compiled into an F.A.Q, much to my surprise. This happened for both Racers and Racers 2. 😛 A while after this happened, I began porting it to here. WordPress reports my first draft was saved on November 26, 2012 at 2:52 PM. Obviously, I’ve worked at it on and off since then (it has not been a huge priority), but in the last few weeks I’ve gone through and rewrote a good chuck of it (much like the windowed mode tutorial). The F.A.Q currently covers three topics, well more like two: Intro Video issues, Installation issues, and a “pointer” to the windowed mode tutorial (see, I told you it only covered two 😛 ). More than likely it will be updated in the future to cover more topics, but no promises. 😉

Well, that’s it for this blog post! Happy racing everybody, and a Merry Christmas to you! 😀