LEGO CUUSOO #4: Back to the Future is mine!

So, I went to the LEGO Store January 2nd (it was actually my second visit), and I brought back some treasure! Despite The LEGO® Movie sets being out, I got something else…

Yes, that is a Delorian. 😛 I have had my eye on this LEGO CUUSOO set for quite some time (I like it better than the Minecraft set) and I finally got the chance to buy it.

Fun Fact! I have never seen any of the Back to the Future films, yet I bought the BTTF LEGO set. Crazy, huh? The brick specialist (store employee) thought so too. 😛

Unboxing and some building pictures are available on Flickr. They came out great thanks to rioforce taking them with his Nikon D3100. 😀


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