LDR Importer Version 1.1.5 – Standards

LDR Importer v1.1.5 was released today. Thanks to MinnieTheMoocher‘s sharp eye, this intermediate release’s change log is only artificially small. The patches that went into the changes were actually quite large. Thanks to MinnieTheMoocher, the entire library layout should be supported, including unofficial, p/48, and the new p/8 folders. In addition, support for high-res and low-res primitives are supported, again thanks to MinnieTheMoocher. It was these patches that brought LDR Importer in better compliance with the LDraw Parts Library that gained this release the codename Standards.

This is an intermediate release because the development team is planning on performing major refactoring on the script in v1.2, and MinnieTheMoocher’s reports pushed back those plans (for the better, mind you). As it stands right now, we should begin the process in February. The plan of action is still under development.

You can get the newest release from GitHub!