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You keep hearing me talk about the program called Brackets and how great it is. Well, it is true! It is the best web editor I have found (though some may argue Sublime Text is better. I simply do not have the money for that). One cool thing about Brackets is how it can be extended with extensions. Since Brackets itself is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, extensions can also be written in the same language as the program (which is a good thing, as not all web designers know C++ or other non-web programming language).

In animation class, I am having to write up a new HTML document every week for my assignments. Two weeks ago, out of feelings of redundancy, I grabbed some example Brackets extension code to automatically add all the required HTML5 tags into my document (I use Brackets at school too). Because I was unable to find such an extension already, I published HTML Skeleton on the official Brackets Extension Registry. After seeing an issue asking for an easier way to add images to a document, I began rewriting HTML Skeleton to support new and more HTML elements in a much better manner than it currently supported. Less than two weeks later, February 8, 2014, HTML Skeleton v1.1.0 was published! šŸ˜€

HTML Skeleton

As you can see, the interface is quite simple and straight-forward: simply check the boxes for the elements you want, click the Done button, and they will be added at the current cursor position in your document.

You can download this new version either directly from Brackets, the extension registry, or directly from GitHub. The nifty vector graphic of the HTML man was created by none other than rioforce.

Truthfully, unless there are any minor tweaks, bugs, API changes, or strong interest, I highly doubt I will be updating this any more. This was more of an experiment than a long-term serious project. However, I also said the CRTC website was a one-time experiment, and that has not been the case lately… šŸ˜›



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