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Banana Pananic is small game created by indie developer Blist Development, released on 25 February, 2014. The Banana Pananic storyline is simple:

George is just a simple man with the desire to just be able to stay on the internet longer than a few minutes at a time. Unfortunately his wireless modem keeps dropping out and he is unable to complete his quest to download the ENTIRE internets to his computer. After recently hearing of the evil force of the bananas from his little nephew, George is out to bring an end to the banana’s vicious attacks on his wireless internet.

Obviously there is highly tongue-in-cheek humor going on, but it creates for a very interesting and highly amusing game.

Banana Pananic’s gameplay sounds ridiculously simple: deflect the bananas flying towards your desk while trying to tap the computer to download files. However, do not let this deceive you; it is anything but simple… mostly. Bananas come flying in at you in all directions and quantity, making the origin of the next attack uncertain. Tapping the computer downloads a single file. Because you mysteriously only have a right arm, you must choose between punching and downloading. I found myself moving my fingers all over the screen trying to keep a steady pace of downloading and punching, sometimes even using both hands to play. πŸ˜›

Updates since the release date have already improved the game, including music, multiple levels of upgrades (so far consisting of improved modem hardware and a macro to automatic download files) purchasable using downloaded files (so no in-app purchases, a very wise choice in my book considering the recent fiasco with Apple and in-app purchases), 10 levels to play through (according to the creator, if you get past level 5 you are doing “really well”), and in the update before newest update as of this writing (currently v1.2.2, so in v1.2.1), an infinitely easier Kids Mode was added (to teenagers, adults, and those who are capable: to you, this mode is considered cheating πŸ˜› ), in addition to new bananas and bug fixes. Even more content is planned for future releases.

I do want to touch on the Kid’s Mode a bit more. After enabling it in the options, the high score label has ” – Kid’s Mode” appended to it, creating a quick indicator of which mode is enabled. Once the game begins (“Touch the bananas!”), you’ll find George in the same place doing the same thing as before – except now his computer is automatically downloading files (must be a torrent πŸ˜› ), leaving you free to focus on the… really… slow… moving… bananas (read that in the voice of Captain Kirk from Star Trek for full effect :P). The upgrades button is gone as there is no need for such. After playing a few rounds of normal mode, Kid’s Mode felt painfully slow, even though I hit almost every banana. If the absolute sluggishness does not bore you, that is why I said this is considered cheating. πŸ˜› Now, for younger kids this mode is perfect for playing. The only issue would be it can be switched off a bit too easily (simple check box), but it is not that big of a deal.

My chief complaint would be the lack of level resumes. Once you game over, the game resets to the (unlabeled) introductory level. I made it to level 2 before I was buried overrun by bananas. Upon tapping play again, I was back to the start point. Even then, by no means is it a deal-breaker and I am not even sure if I want such a feature to be added. πŸ˜›

Banana Pananic is a unique game with a unique story and entertaining gameplay. While it may be challenging at times, the very act of punching an endless barrage of bananas squarely aimed at making your modem (and download plans) split is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The piles of bug-eyed, boomeranging bananas that gather around your desk can also invoke a chuckle. Kid’s Mode allows even younger children to enjoy the fun. Further more, everything is family friendly, right down to the LOL-worthy (for the better!) back story. If Angry Birds, the nth-clone of Flappy Birds, or matching games have you bored or you simply want to try something new, I highly recommend giving Banana Pananic a whirl. I think you will like it. πŸ™‚

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Banana Pananic is currently available only for Android, but iOS, in-browser, and Windows versions are in the works.


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