Oh, spam messages…

Spam (sometimes known as junk) email, comments, tweets, posts, messages, phone calls, text messages, SMS messages and mail, they are a universal annoyance. From the janitor at your school to a high-seated official, everybody gets and hates spammy junk messages. Further more, with ever-increasing computer power and the rise of programming being taught practically every where you turn, more spam bots thus more spam messages will continue to be sent in all forms of media. Spam also comes in many varities, from bait-and-switch, phishing, pharming, and money scams, to name a few. The messages, if you dare view them, range from absolutely obvious to just real enough to fool automated spam catchers to almost (and for victims of the scams, completely) believable messages.

Then there are another type: funny. These would appear to be messages generated by bots (that is, they create and connect words to make sentences).  However, bots can never accurately imitate the English language and human typing. The end result? Some laughable, cringe-worthy, sometimes incomprehensible messages you have no choice but to read and laugh at.

Wednesday night (March 12), around 9 PM, I got an email from WordPress asking me to approve a pending comment. Upon inspecting the message, I found it to be one of these funny spam messages. Because I found it so funny (I laughed more than I should, probably from how tired I was 😛 ), I have reposted the message below for you to read and laugh it.

Have fun laughing! 😛

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