Triangle Land on Google+

I know, I know. I dislike Google+ and social networkimg overall. However, I was forced to create one in order to keep my YouTube account late last year. Although I did create a profile just because, I have never really used it.

However, I have decided to make more use of it. From now on, all new blog posts are also displayed in my Google+ feed. Yes, I still dislike it and I will not be using it like Google wants me to or treat it like Facebook. Only my blog posts are going to be present. Do not expect me to answer any messages or join any circles or be in a hangout, I will flatly (and seemingly heartlessly 😛 ) reject, decline, and ignore them. That is why this post is called “Triangle Land on Google+”, not “Triangle717 on Google+”. I do not yet have a custom URL (you have to amass a whole 10 followers to get one and dump the super-long numerical URL, which for me is 21 characters long), and I do not expect to reach that “magic number” soon. Also, if you want to find all content from me, just use the hashtag (UGH!) #Triangle717. I have yet to decide if I will expand this to video uploads or not. Even if I do, I doubt I will post it here.