[Ux2] LUN Minifig Wizard Update – April 2014


Since the code has been pushed, rioforce has updated some of the images. It’s not much, and I wish there were more (we are still a long way from the number of images we need), but it is a start.

Update #2!

A few more images were added, namely some dresses, a kilt, and a LEGO Universe shirt. This should all the images for this release, but if there are any more, I will update this post yet again.

It is now time for the first update to the LEGO Universe News! Minifig Wizard! 😀 Initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and hopefully we can continue to keep up the quality. This update pertains only to the underlying code, hopefully making the experience nicer and more direct. Images were not sadly prepared for this release (I really wanted to get some in here, but I am in charge of the code, not images). The suggestions and requests given were very good, and hopefully they will come soon. 😦

Now, what changes have been performed in this update? A full, technical list can be found here, but I have prepared a less-technical version. 😛 Changes performed since the initial publishing are denoted with a NEW! label.


  • The pink spaceman was annihilated by an evil Blacktron! D:
  • NEW! Removed Samurai Armor (it is not working well with the current state)
  • NEW! Fixed an overlay issue with left hand items and the mermaid tail
  • NEW! Fixed color of Dr. Cyber’s beard
  • NEW! Added Sufer torso from Minifigure Series 2
  • NEW! Added dark blue pants
  • NEW! Fixed Top Hat and brown male hair being swapped
  • NEW! Added brown male hair (per request)
  • NEW! Resorted hair items
  • NEW! Dresses and a kilt
  • NEW! LEGO Universe shirt
  • All jQuery animations were rewritten as CSS transitions for supported browsers, making layout resizing much smoother and more responsive. The jQuery animations are still present but are used only on older browsers as a fallback.
  • In addition, new jQuery animation fallbacks were added for effects that only had a CSS transition, such as the resize button and settings panel in the popout window.
  • Better browser support detection by way of a custom build of Modernizr.
  • Plenty of code was cleaned up and improved for more efficient execution.
  • Many fixes for Internet Explorer 9 were preformed:
    • The new window did not open at all due to IE9’s poor and finicky support for window.open()
    • Settings panel did not have a background color
    • Other small rendering and usability issues. By themselves they mean nothing, but all together they do a lot. I actually pushed four consecutive commits fixing IE9 issues, and is the primary reason I added new jQuery animations.
  • UI tweaks and fixes, including but not limited to:
    • Fixed the orange part selection disappearing when layout was resized
    • Better visibility of the current background color in the popup window
    • Background color options in popup window are better sorted
    • Thumbnail images on the normal layout size have been enlarged to their native size, matching the size on the enlarged layout and making them easier to tap on mobile devices

If you come across any bugs, please report them! I am already aware of the male black hair and top hat switching places and some overlay issues with the mermaid tail, so you do not have to report those. 😛 Continue to suggest images to be added. The list is short only because I foolishly did not log the requests as they came in. D: I’ll try to poke the graphics artist with a stick to get some images made up. 😛

As always, the LUN Minifig Wizard can be accessed at http://bit.ly/MinifigWizard. 😀



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