Introducing jQuery Spoiler!

I do not think I have mentioned this before, but one of my goals I set for myself for being a Website developer-trainee is to write a jQuery plugin. You know, one of those scripts you use with jQuery to perform cool stuff? Yea, that thing. There are plenty of them. Chances are, if you are a Website dev, you have used one. Just like my goal of writing a Python module (which was realized with, I have wanted to make a jQuery plugin. The problem has been what I should make.

I finally have the answer.

Introducing jQuery Spoiler!

jQuery Spoiler is exactly what the name implies: it is a jQuery plugin that creates spoilers. If you are wondering what kind of spoilers, they are the kind that hides content unless a button is clicked. 😛 I had wanted a spoiler system for Triangle Land on GitHub, and I figured the best way to do it was to write one myself (plus, I did not find any other implementations I liked). So I wrote my very own spoiler system. The other day, I was looking at the JavaScript on the site, deducing if I could modularize it a bit. My first action was splitting the spoiler system into a separate script, as it took up a large portion of the script. Once I did that, though, I started cleaning it up and improving it, and before I knew it, I had my mind made up to release it as a jQuery plugin.

You can guess what happened next. 😛

Setting up and using jQuery Spoiler is super simple, and you can nearly customize all aspects. Since all it does is show/hide content and provide a button to do so, you can style it as little or as much as you desire. It is almost like a framework. It provides the action, you provide everything else. 🙂

Mind you this is a first release, so everything is not wrinkle-free. I already have a laundry list of improvements I need to make, and there are some limitations pertaining to supported selectors, but in due time they will all go away. 🙂 If you want, you can even help improve it! 😀

You can find jQuery Spoiler on GitHub. A live demo is available at 🙂

Catch you later!