HTML Skeleton v1.2.1

I was not and am not planning on posting updates to HTML Skeleton like I have done in times past with other projects, but I felt this was a good release to do so. ๐Ÿ™‚

I officially released HTML Skeleton v1.2.0 yesterday and a subsequent v1.2.1 release today. This release brings about some major updates and accomplishes the main reason I have developed it this far.

Before I begin, I would lime to mention some of the changes in the last few releases. When I published HTML Skeleton, I did not expect it to be as popular as it has been. I received bug reports the day after I released v1.1.0 and another one after v1.1.1. Then I received a pull request from someone who translated it to German, something I did not expect at all. Finally, my newest report came from a Brackets developer! Wow! As for changes made in those releases, I updated the code snippets to better match coding style standards, the aforementioned donated German translation, and I was able to display the logo using Brackets’ ImageViewer code, paving the way for some large updates (this release, actually).

This release, however, takes the cake. I have utilized many of the Brackets APIs to pull everything together. So, what all is new?

  • The code indentation level and character (space vs tab) is retrieved using the Preferences API. This means you no longer have to deal with my lazy hardcoded four spaces-turned two spaces indentation level.
  • You can now select images from your computer to be used in the Image element snippet via the new browse button. Furthermore (and this is the fun part), the image width and height is automatically detected, the image shown in a preview window, and used in the code snippet (all except the last feature is available only if the format is available for these operations. The image will always be used in the code snippet). All formats Brackets core identifies as images are supported, including beta SVG support. This is a really cool inclusion (if I do say so myself). Hopefully people will be able to make good use of it. ๐Ÿ˜€ This took a long time to implement, work out, and debug, so I’m glad it is finally done.
  • Lots and lots of code was cleaned up, debugged, and improved, making everything a whole lot better.
  • Italian language localization, contributed by Denisov21.

As a result of all these changes (plus more!), I need you to install this new release, report any problems you suggest any new features you may think of Although my “master plan” so to speak for HTML Skeleton was completed with this release (after all, this is very much a side project), tired, silly me started working on a module that in due time will rigorously attempt to extract the width and height of an SVG when Brackets cannot (that is why I said SVG support is beta). So go ahead, try out HTML Skeleton for yourself and leave me some feedback!

Code the Web, everyone!


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