Two brand new LEGO Racers modding tutorials!

After a long tutorial hiatus, I have finally written two new LEGO Racers modding tutorials. One is titled Mirror or Unmirror Any Track while the other is Use Any Track as the Test Track. These are the result of a few hours of attempting to add new track slots to the game (I got close, but no banana). While I would categorize these tutorials as beginner level, if you are scared by the sight of code (think JavaScript), you may way to be extra careful with your edits. 😉 The first one allows you to change which tracks should and should not be mirrored (great for mixing up the order mirrored tracks come in), while the second is a quick way to use any track as the Test track. Wow, I named these with rather self-explanatory names, didn’t I? 😛 For reference, the second tutorial can also be accomplished by simple folder renames, but it is great for simply getting around the sometimes scary looking syntax. 😉

That’s all for now! Catch you later, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Two brand new LEGO Racers modding tutorials!

  1. Hello,

    Was wondering if there was any progress on extracting/converting the .tun audio files from Lego Racers for the purposes of simple listening?

  2. Is it also possible to set the test track as a actual race? And to add one white powerup brick to the test track? Wonder what happens if you teleport in the test track 😛

    1. You can actually use the wormhole in test track if you use the cheat to have full upgrades at all times. Basically what happens is if you use it at an edge, you end up in space and the screen doesn’t redraw itself except for your car, then after a few seconds you appear back on the track. Cool stuff!

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