Smiley Slug

A Smiley Slug is a very rare slug. It only comes out when there is an abundance of sandwiches present in a mining operation. This differs from Slimy Slugs who prefer to suck the power from Energy Crystals. Thanks to its funny-looking grin, Smiley Slugs are able to quickly steal many sandwiches from both Rock Raiders and Support Stations, as workers are too busy laughing at its upper lip to notice their sandwiches are missing and drop Sonic Blasters to scare it off. The only effective way to ward off Smiley Slugs is to build the Support Station in an area surrounded by Hard or Solid Rock and train Rock Raiders to Super Serious level, at which they will no longer be amused by the Smiley Slug's highly laughable smile.

The story of the Smiley Slug has been brought to you by le717, who thinks he has a bit too much LEGO Rock Raiders in the past few days. Original Slimy Slug picture created by Edrjune1 with bad photoshopping skills by le717.



    1. Thank you! I really liked your slug, and when I had the idea for this silly story, yours was the only one I could think of to use. 🙂 Are you planning on starting that project back soon?

      1. I am. I just am looking at 3d printing a prototype. It’s just that 3d printing is not very accurate. Hopefully I can get one made soon though.

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