What happened to AWD&&D?

Some of you might be wondering what happened to Adventures in Website Design && Development, my attempted bimonthly blog series I started. If you recall, it was going fine, when suddenly I started posting them a few days late, and even missed publishing an entire edition. In fact, the last edition was published on August 10, nearly two months ago! Have I given up on it or dropped it completely from my roadmap?

The answer is no. AWD&&D is still around, but not in the same form. You see, I enjoyed the bimonthly publication, and I worked really hard on some of them. However, when Fall 2014 semester started, marking one year of college enrollment, I really lost a lot of the free time I had not already lost. Keeping up with a bimonthly series with an unknown amount of readers was not going to be easy to do, especially in the already established format. So I dropped AWD&&D from my calendar for the time.

However, as I said, Adventures in Website Design && Development is not dead. It still exists and will continue to exist, but not as a branded item. I said in the introduction of every installment, it documented my adventures as a student of web design and development. While it followed that mission, it was something I could continue doing in that particular way. Adventure can occur in many ways, from learning a new concept to seeing something in a new perspective to even simple observation and commentary. That is why AWD&&D now exists as a more real-word situation series. Remember my article about routine code cleanup? That was AWD&&D, as was my trip into CSS preprocessing lane.

Despite this new iteration of AWD&&D, not every programming-related post I write will be classified as such. If every single one was given that distinction, then it is no longer special, and such a title is worthless. Instead, only a select number of articles will be bestowed the honor of belonging to the Adventures in Website Design && Development linage. Further, they will not occur on a schedule. Instead, they will happen when they do. I cannot say what material makes up an AWD&&D-worth post, but I know it when it happens. 🙂

So that is what happened to Adventures in Website Design && Development. Perhaps one day a regular series will return to Triangle Land once again, and that time hopefully continue on, but for now, I think everything will work out alright. 🙂

Also, a quick update on the Brickshelf outage I previously wrote about. Brickshelf has since come back online, and I am in the process of transferring all the content to BrickSafe. I have already transferred all LEGO® Racers content, updated all links, and removed the content from Brickshelf, in addition to transferring important material by other people so it is not lost. Thanks to the quality of BrickSafe, I have also uploaded previously unpublished high quality JPG scans of the manual as well as the full 30 MB, uncompressed PDF version I compiled. 😀 I have no yet started updating any other links pending possible restructuring, but that will happen soon. Thank you for your patience in this matter. 🙂



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