Saying goodbye to an old Easter egg

The lone PatchIt! Easter egg is no more.

Added in commit 707266d, which would comprise v1.1.0 and onward, the Easter egg was a reference to some troubled days in PatchIt development.

It was in the middle of v1.1.0 development, a version that would live up to its assigned codename “One Monster of a Release”. I was performing my most ambitious PatchIt changes yet: rewriting my code base to be more flexible and expandable. During that time, I considered changing the shortcut to in install a Patch from “I” to “E” (Extract a Patch). This I did, but old habits and conventions do not die that easily, so I reverted the changes. Following the revert, I continued to press “E” instead of “I”. In order to prevent myself from doing that, an Easter egg was in order. I decided on showing a picture of the LEGO Fabuland Cow, an image I had been temporarily using for my avatar (and getting lots of reaction from it).

LEGO Fabuland Cow

I also decided that after showing the image, PatchIt would close as a reminder to never press that key on the main menu. After implementing the Easter egg on 23 March, 2013, I hit it quite a bit in the time until release in May. Apparently old habits did not die that hard. 😛

Over time, the Easter egg was updated and revised, but the original reason slowly became lost.

That is why in commit ceffd74, as part of my recent changes, I removed the Easter egg. While the surprise is still in the last v1.1.2 release, once I release the next version (whenever I release the next version 😛 ), it will be no more.

However, just because I have removed the lone Easter egg does not mean one will never appear again. Another one can show back up, and for all you know I might be currently planning a surprise to add soon (P.S. I am not 😛 ). 😉

Goodbye Fabuland Cow. I will miss you only until I finish writing this sentence.